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The working culture at North Point Global exemplifies what we believe in. One of openness, drive and fun. Free expression in the forms of ideas, concepts and opinions are openly shared and valued. Our passion to excel in the financial markets drive us into constant debate in pursuit of creative ideas and solutions. We play just as hard as we work. Vying for top scores in games and sharing tips on how to improve gamesmanship are common affairs. Regular team outings also encourage sharing of life experiences and build strong team camaraderie.


We are currently looking for highly driven individuals to fill the following roles at our trading desk:

You have recently graduated with a good tertiary degree or have 1-2 years working experience in a relevant industry. You have good numerical skills and strong analytical abilities. You exhibit a strong passion for trading.

As a junior trader, you will learn the fundamentals of trading and be mentored on various strategies deployed by the firm. You will be required to actively monitor the markets and provide timely and accurate updates to the trading desk. Progression depends on your talent, determination and ability to climb the steep learning curve. Proven individuals in this role will eventually be given the responsibilities of running his/her own trading book.

You are an experienced trader with a proven track record. You are looking for a new environment where traders identify and share ideas and trade setups. You are pursuing better trading technology to improve your trading edge. You are seeking remuneration to better commensurate your talent and trading risk profile.

If you are what we describe above, we are keen to speak with you.

You have recently graduated or have 1-2 years working experience and exhibit a strong interest in working with technology in the trading industry.

You possess strong Object Oriented design skills with in-depth knowledge of object modelling and data patterns. You will be tasked with the development maintenance of a proprietary trading platform and its technologies. You will abide by best coding practices in the implementation of the low latency, scalable, and resilient execution platform. You will work closely with traders to understand their requirements, formulate solutions and drive algorithmic trading engine. Strong knowledge of Java, multithreading and concurrency will be a plus.

You are currently pursuing a Bachelors or Master’s degree in a finance or programming related field. You are passionate about trading or investment and are keen in gaining exposure into proprietary trading.

You will have the opportunity take on interesting projects and apply your knowledge gained from your education. You will interact with our traders and technologists in gaining valuable insights.


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