North Point Global - About Us


North Point Global is a privately funded proprietary trading group based in Singapore with a focus on exchange traded financial products in Asia.

Our investment and trading approach centres on both bottom up value and statistical price movement analysis.

At North Point Global, we pride ourselves in understanding the microstructure of the markets of interests and continuously seek an edge to generate positive returns on our investments.


We aim to be the leading proprietary trading firm in Asia by creating an environment in which our talented professionals can develop their skill sets and thrive.



At North Point Global, our traders and technologists are our assets. We hire a diversified pool of talented individuals and carefully nurture them to their full potential. We value both attitude and aptitude and believe any skill can be mastered with enough time, focus and determination.


The financial markets is constantly changing and evolving with time. As such, we believe in positioning ourselves to give us an edge in this dynamic landscape.

We stay relevant with the latest trading technology, developing and upgrading our tools of trade to give our traders an edge. We do not believe that trading is just confined to the trading desk. Our traders engage with business partners and other market participants to understand the latest market developments and discover new pocket of opportunities.


Nothing is too small to start and too difficult to try. It is with this attitude that has enabled North Point Global to grow from its humble beginnings and establishing ourselves as the place for traders to thrive. We believe that our strengths in nurturing our staff and positioning the firm are valuable virtues in enabling North Point Global to grow.